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The choice is yours

One of the big reasons that I was able to survive Stage 4 cancer was because of the shape that I was in when I was diagnosed. I was 206 lbs., worked out 5 days a week and ate incredibly well, despite traveling a lot with my career. One thing my doctor said on that day, February 4th, 2011, was this:

“Because of the stage that you are in, we have to give you the strongest dose of chemotherapy that they make. In fact, 9 of 10 people cannot be given this dosage because of the damage it will do to their major organs. We will monitor you every day but if you are to have any chance of surviving, this is our only option.

You need to know that all of these years of eating well and taking care of yourself lead you to today – even though you didn’t know it along the way! If you didn’t come in to us in otherwise great health, we could not give this dosage to you…and if we cannot give it to you, you don’t make it!”

My good friend Derrick Sweet has a program that includes a book called ‘Saving Lives With Forks & Knives’. Get it, read it, understand it, live it!

My message to you is simple: Not everything is in our control but MANY things ARE right in our hands! The choice is yours.