Looking Left, Turning Right

In many of the talks that I give to teams and corporations, I speak about how small things can make a big impact in your life.

As I was going through my recovery from Stage 4 cancer, I learned some things along the way about myself that’d never taken the time to learn simply because life got in the way. Here are a couple simple but impactful examples.

By late in 2011, I had lived in this town for over 35 years and at that time, in my home for 4 years; every time I came to the end of my street, I turned left….EVERY time. Why? Because that was the way to downtown Newmarket, to the mall and to the 404 and that was the way I had always turned.

No need to turn the other way correct? That is until one day that I decided to turn right.

Only 3 minutes from my home was a conservation area just off of Bathurst. I saw an opening tucked back from the road and when my dog and I hopped out to take a look, we began walking and walking; two hours later, we’d walked through this incredible forest that seemed so far away from everything else – from the traffic, the ‘concrete jungle’, from cell phones, internet…from everything!

From that day forward, almost every day, I would take her out there and we would walk in there for hours to think, to relax, to collect my thoughts and to just ‘be’. It is one of my favorite places to go.

Yesterday I had another one of those experiences. I met a woman who I had known a little bit about through her sisters, friends and other contacts but I’d never spent time with her to understand who she was and what she did. That woman was Mickey Eves.

Mickey and I tried a few times to get together but again, life got in the way. When I listened about the things she was doing to help people, especially young children, it blew me away!

This woman is making an impact…an INCREDIBLE impact as she changes lives! Her work is done out of passion and that is why she is simply amazing at what she is doing. I discovered how great people within our reach can be if we take time to get to know them.

Thank you Mickey for doing things that are quietly changing the world…one child, one family at a time!

My message here is simple:

Sometimes the greatest things are right in front of us.

Some days you need to make a decision to step out of the routine and ‘turn right’ instead of left because it is amazing what you may discover along the way.

Four years ago, I found a great place 3 minutes from my door that ‘took me away’ – just me and my dog…and it keeps taking me away to a place that I want to be.

I found that place because one day, while I looked left, I turned right…and I never looked back!