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Why Inspirational Speaking Works

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing… that’s why we recommended it daily!”
– Zig Ziglar

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  • When a boss asks the staff to put down their pens and take a few moments to just listen about life, the impact is profound!
  • Bringing in the right inspirational speaker for your organization can galvanize a team and help bring it closer together than ever before.
  • Investing in inspirational speaking for your team demonstrates an immeasurable appreciation for employees! The impact can move them physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically – a major building block to help transform a company of individuals into a powerful team.
  • Inspirational speaking from a life and professional perspective offers an education that cannot be taught in any university or come from any business book!

Why Tim

  • Tim has been there…he has seen it all! In his professional life, he has been at the top of his game, playing key roles to help build and lead some of the world’s most renowned brands… but sometimes life throws you curves. Stage 4 cancer and PTSD saw him face death not once but twice within the same year. Yes, Tim McClure has seen tremendous highs and survived devastating lows but today, he thrives… and he can help you thrive too!
  • Tim knows about life from a perspective that most people never, ever get to experience. His incredible journey is capped off by his story of 15 minutes that defined the most important crossroads in his life.
  • Tim understands how to develop people. He identifies with the importance of every single member on your team.
  • Tim understands how the positive impact of perfecting the basic principles of trust, communication and common sense can catapult an organization to levels that they have only dreamed about.

What Can Your Audience Expect?

  • Tim will challenge members of your team to embrace their tough times and emerge much stronger.
  • Tim does not fill his audiences with fancy clichés or catchy quotes from Facebook and Twitter. Tim’s content is filled with strategic, original, hard-hitting and raw truth!
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  • Tim will show your team how to recognize the need for change and embrace that change is not only a very positive thing but also is an essential element to personal and professional growth.

  • Tim provides valuable, highly relevant content with substance that matches perfectly with the needs of your industry and the current culture of your organization. Your team will take away valuable tools that can be used to sustain the momentum that will be created during his talks.

Allow Tim to Help You…

  • Increase Sales
  • Build High-Performance Teams
  • Bring Customers Closer to You
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  • Thank Volunteers
  • Raise Money
  • Inspire Creativity Within Your Team
  • Generate Innovative Ideas
  • Improve Your Bottom Line

Tim Shows People…

  • How to embrace change and use it to their advantage rather than fear it
  • The power of passion and how authentic teams win every time
  • How to bounce back from ANY setback
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  • How to turn weaknesses into ‘productive positives’
  • The importance of empowering everyone within your organization
  • That most of the greatest ideas come from the ‘back room’, not the boardroom
  • How to say ‘NO’ and make this one of your team’s most powerful tools

Engage Time if…

  • Your company is a leader and wants to stay on top
  • Your organization is following behind the industry leader and wants to learn how to catapult your team ahead of the competition
  • You want to ignite the drive and passion within your team
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  • The ‘corporate giant’ image of your corporation needs to be ‘humanized’
  • You feel that you have the potential for greatness, personally or professionally, but you cannot seem to get ‘over the hump’
  • You want to win back the trust, confidence and the hearts and minds of your customers
  • You want to demonstrate care for the personal wellness of your team members
  • You want to reward your team or customers and demonstrate commitment