“A motivational speaker brings value if they deliver timely, relevant material that can have a positive effect on your bottom line. To make the most impact on your team though, the message must also touch their heart. Tim McClure does just that!”

Stephen Clements – Senior Vice President, Forzani Group Ltd.


“By having an authentic leader like Tim McClure at our 55 North Conference, our goals of connecting business leaders together to hone best practices, share expertise, and build lasting experiences was reinforced. All boxes were checked!

Tim’s ideas about leadership being inside of everyone are motivating, dynamic and powerful. It is not often that a speaker can make a lasting and influential impact on a crowd, but Tim McClure did just that!”

Erin Clyde – Director of Events, Foundry Conferences & Events

“Truly great leaders have a purpose that is focused on helping others succeed. They engage and inspire those around them.

The inspirational leaders very effectively combine temperament with experience. This is exactly how Tim McClure draws people in. He engages the heart, will and the mind of those he is speaking with.

Tim McClure truly is about something bigger than himself. He inspired every single student in the room.”

Nancy Spotton – Professor of Sport & Event Marketing, George Brown College


“I once wrote a quote for my team that read: ‘Your heart is beating. Your mind is alert. You can do anything that you put your mind to starting today!’ Tim McClure proves that this statement is true!

Tim is one of the most inspiring and genuine people I know! He has dedicated the next chapter of his life to improving the lives of others. His story is one that everyone should follow and learn more from.”

Hugh Johnson – Vice President of Sales, Telus

“Over my career, I’ve seen many great speakers from all around the world. None had an impact on me like Tim McClure did!

Tim relates to and resonates with the common person. He has the ability to reach out and put his arm around each person in the room, no matter how big his audience may be.

Tim McClure WILL impact you like he did me… I promise you that!”

Paul Rosen, Paralympic Gold Medalist

“Tim McClure has the distinct ability to move people and show them how to ‘get out of their own way’. He will ignite your team, help you create the momentum that you need and impact your organization like no other speaker has before!

His strength of character crystallizes the power of never, ever giving up.”

Herb Ratsch – Vice President, Sotheby’s International Realty

“Tim McClure ‘gets’ life better than any speaker that I have ever heard! He is a game-changing difference maker who combines a ‘real life’ story of triumph and perseverance with the business acumen of a seasoned professional – a combination that offers an invaluable experience for his audience.

Everyone loves a great comeback story and this is one of the very best that you will ever hear!”

Ketty Berton – Senior Manager of Cash Management Services, TD Bank

“Mental health, PTSD and the executive – a combination that is seldom ever spoken about in the corporate workplace! Tim McClure ‘goes there’ like nobody else and he does it with truth, purpose and conviction.

We all face things in life that block us from getting to where we want to go. In his talk themed ‘You Can(’t) Play Football in the Forest’, Tim shows us how to use our ‘blockers’ to our advantage. Thank you for bursting that bubble Tim!”

Michael Boonstra – Country Manager, Extreme Networks

“Tim McClure can impact a room with a talk that is riveting, impactful, powerful and will leave those who engage in his message with a feeling that any obstacle they may face can be overcome.

If you have the chance to hear Tim speak, clear your schedule… you will not want to miss it! He changed my perspective on life and I guarantee that he will change yours too!”

Warren Copnick – Director, Sony Music Canada

“Tim has a talent for getting through to others – to motivate, empower and engage in a dynamic way that changes people’s lives forever.

Compelling and hard-hitting yet, compassionate and engaging, Tim will leave your team with a new found spirit and impact your bottom line!”

Lesley Hawkins – General Manager, Adidas Golf Canada

“We invited Tim McClure to a leadership day for our company and to speak to our group of over 15 CEOs. Everyone agreed his story, material and message was both touching and inspirational.

We would certainly bring Tim back and gained value from his insights.”

Derek Rider – CEO, Media One Creative

“Tim McClure brings a passionate approach to his audiences that can be moving physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically – a major building block that can help transform a company into a team. He is able to offer an perspective that simply cannot be taught in any university or business course.

Without a doubt, Tim is one of the most inspiring people I have ever had the privilege to meet! He has taught me to live each day as if it is all that I have….a lesson that I will be forever grateful for.”

Deena Morielli – Director, Morielli Media Group