Keynote Speeches


What Audiences Are Saying

“Some people just have a talent for getting through to people. Tim McClure is one of these unique individuals!”

“He passionately simplifies life and puts a perspective on it that is profoundly impactful.”

“Tim McClure instills confidence, hope and impacts an audience better than any speaker I’ve seen before.”

“Tim is just like you and I. Because he is not a celebrity figure, his audiences relate to him so much better. The impact he made on me was very real!”

“His story about being on the edge of life and facing death twice in the same year was so compelling. Wow, I never saw that coming!”

“Tim challenges you…almost dares you to expect more out of a life that is right there in front of us!”

“Tim will make you open your eyes! That clarity has helped me to develop even stronger relationships that have helped me personally and professionally.”

You Can(’t) Play Football In The Forest
Sometimes life’s obstacles can be assets. Tim shows you how to use them to your advantage to get you where you need to go… touchdown!

Lessons From The Edge Of The Ledge
Sometimes we need a ‘jolt’ in our lives to unlock our true potential. Tim has had that ‘jolt’ twice in the same year! He will prove to you how discovering your true, inner strength can catapult you, personally and professionally, into a place that you have never, ever been before!

Climbing Mountains – The Passionate Journey To Getting To The Top
Tim offers an invaluable view of life, leaving you with an understanding of the importance of having clearly defined goals. Make sure that what you aspire to do has a path that you truly want to travel!

Mental Health: The Deciding Factor Between Good & Great Teams
The pace of our personal and professional lives has never been faster! With that has come increased pressure to perform under very challenging circumstances. The importance of mental health in the workplace has never been more important than it is today, and the effect it can have on a corporation’s bottom line is significant.

Life throws you curves. Tim shows you how to hit the curve ball really, really well!

Strategic Partnerships: The Makings Of A Perfect Alliance
Nothing great was ever accomplished alone!

Through over 25 years of forming strategic partnerships with professional sports leagues, influential retailers, and some of the world’s most renowned luxury brands, Tim shares insights and strategies that will help your team form powerful alliances that can change your business forever!

Momentum: Finding It, Feeling It & Thriving On It
It is often said that momentum can be the most difficult thing for someone to gain, but they do, their competitor’s biggest challenge is trying to stop it!

Whether you are an individual, part of a team or the leader of a corporation, you will gain valuable insight as Tim shares strategies on how to build momentum…..and keep it!

If I Could Do It All Again…
What would you do if you had a second chance at life and could do it all over again? Tim shows you the importance and empowerment of not just ‘thinking’ about it but doing it!

Inspiring Greatness
Tim challenges…almost DARES you to expect more out of life. His passionate clarity on the importance of time ‘clears the deck’, allowing his audience to see life more clearly.

He offers an invaluable perspective that simplifies the meaningless roadblocks that prevent us from being all that we can be.

Tim leaves people with a profoundly impactful, empowering feeling that they CAN realize greatness, and live a life that is well beyond where they were when they walked into the room!

Change: Finding Positive Impact In The Inevitable
We are a ‘culture of convenience’ – with the impact of technology, people expect answers immediately and want resolutions ‘yesterday’. It is expected that we must be ‘on’ at all times. Yet, with so many ‘moving parts’, accepting and embracing changes can be very challenging to many.

Change is inevitable; life can be pretty amazing if you are wide open to it!

Tipping Points: The Big Impact That Small Things Make On Our Lives
The line is so fine between success and failure, happiness and sadness, peace and discontent. Sometimes we cannot control the final outcome of things in our personal and professional lives. Tim shows you that most times, you CAN control the outcome!