Life List

1_lifelistGuest CFL Coach

2_lifelistSky Dive over Pacific Ocean

3_lifelistEdmonton Eskimos – 103rd Grey Cup Champions

The MastersThe Masters

5_lifelistWayne Gretzky Fantasy Camp

A life list is a great anchor. It grounds you in your purpose, gives you hopes and dreams for the future, and helps you understand more about yourself.

There is no right or wrong way to make this kind of list. Simply start by devoting an hour to thinking about your life and the things that you would love to do…and then, just keep adding to your list as the ideas come to you!

Your list can be as short or long as you would like to make it.

Make your list real, and make it come alive!

Attend the Super Bowl
Watch the World Series in the home team’s ball park
Go to see The Masters @ Augusta National
Thank someone who influenced my life more than 25 years ago
Walk a major PGA tournament from ‘inside the ropes’
Go to a Stanley Cup final game live
Go salmon fishing in British Columbia with my father
Send myself 100 post cards from everywhere I have travelled
Go sky diving spontaneously with 24 hours of thinking about it
Attend the NBA All Star game in NYC
Watch the championship game at an international hockey event
Whale watch in the Pacific Ocean
Take my daughters swimming with the dolphins
See a sold out concert in Madison Square Garden
Attend the Grey Cup
Give back to deserving people I’ve never met
Celebrate with the winning team at a college football championship game
Attend a sold out show on Broadway
Play a role in a big screen movie
Make a decision for someone that changes their career ‘just like that’
Learn to surf in California
Spontaneously charter a boat to go deep sea fishing within the hour
Celebrate a major sports championship in the locker room
Attend the MLB All Star game
Be with ‘DRock’ when the Edmonton Eskimos win the Grey Cup
Give sold-out event tickets to a parent & child moments before it starts
Drink champagne out of a major sports trophy after a championship
Watch a Grand Prix race from the pits of one of the race car drivers
Sky dive over the Pacific Ocean
Go to the NHL All Star game
Hang out in private and anonymity with a major sports star for the day
Visit Fenway Park to watch a Boston Red Sox game
Co-author a book with someone that I respect
Be present to watch a horse being born and take its first steps
Travel to an underprivileged area and make a difference on a family’s life
Sky dive over some of the biggest mountains in the world
Be part of a program to change the lives of inner city kids in a US city
Make an impact on a perfect stranger’s life
Go to Daytona 500 Motor Speedway
Tailgate & attend a big game in one of the top US College football stadiums
Be a mascot for a professional sports team for one day
Attend a professional sports team’s training camp as a guest coach
Go into a deep sea shark cage
Experience Hawaii
Be inside a professional sports team’s locker room for the pregame speech
Write my own book
Parasail over the ocean
Drive at full speed in a race car on an F1, Indy or NASCAR track
Be present to watch someone close to me achieve their lifelong goal
Get a tattoo that means something to only me
Take a trip through the Canadian Rockies by train
Fly fish on the Colorado River with my buddies
Ride in a hot air balloon at sunset
Fly in a fighter jet
Own a horse
Do something impactful for someone in anonymity
Spend St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
Build a lasting legacy
Ski and golf in the same day
Explore the Grand Canyon
Own a small business that allows me to interact with my community
Help someone overcome their greatest fear
Serve my country in some way
See both daughters reach goals that make them happy and fulfilled
Make a positive impact to help a special girl and her mom smile inside again.
Break 70 on the golf course
Go on an African Safari and pose with living animals
Watch an NFL game from the player’s bench
Play golf with buddies at Pebble Beach
Go white water rafting down a Class 4 or 5 river
Attend an MLB spring training camp
Swim under the Wailua Falls in Maui, Hawaii
Throw a dart at a map and travel there within 24 hours
Sing back up vocals on stage for a well-known group at a major concert
Be someone’s mentor
Raft through the Grand Canyon
Just ‘show up’ in Switzerland to see Josh play in the Swiss Elite League
Crash a stranger’s wedding and be in a picture with the bride & groom
Follow a dream and pursue it with passion
Visit all 7 continents
Spend one night at the Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel) in Quebec City
Give 100 unexpected references on LinkedIn to people who deserve it
Attend the NCAA Final Four
Play hockey on a line with Gordie Howe
Play in Boston Garden with the Boston Bruins
Meet Lucy & Kevin from the ‘mortgage free’ commercial
Give back to deserving people I have never met