Partners & Endorsements

“Music has always played a significant role in my life – while playing sports, traveling through airports, relaxing on the dock or ‘turning it up’ during workouts. There was no other time that music played a greater role in my life that it did when I was fighting for my life!

I am grateful for the support that Sony has shown to supply me with music for the motivational videos that we produce and the engagements that I speak at.

The Sony Music Canada team has become a great partner and a big part in my quest to inspire others.”

“The game of golf has always played a big part of my life, both from a business perspective as well as from the social aspect. I have built many relationships and closed several contracts on the golf course over the years!

Following my diagnosis for Stage 4 cancer in 2011, I would find out just much the game of golf would impact my life. Through the most terrifying and uncertain times, golf provided me with an outlet to ‘get lost’ during my treatments.

While I physically could not be on the course, I would visualize every shot during a round at one of Clublink’s finest courses, Diamondback Golf Club. I would see the clubface going through the grass and connecting with the ball. I would hear the ball rolling into the cup. I’d plan my approach shot on #8. I couldn’t wait to get to my second shot as I tried to get over the water and on the green in two at the Par 5 hole #18.

Most importantly, I couldn’t wait to get to the course and spend time with my friends. Missing that camaraderie was something that drove me even harder to get better and to be back with my buddies at the club!

Clublink has been a big part of my life for so many years. They have treated me very well and their support has meant an awful lot to me.”

“I have become so very impressed at the sense of ‘community’ that Telus has embraced throughout their entire organization. It is just incredible!

I have been blessed to get to know many of their people through some initiatives that I have been involved in. Many large corporations talk about their desire to give back to the community but with Telus, they don’t just talk about it – they live it!”

“Just a few years ago, I was fortunate to win a BMW Hero Award for my philanthropy work. Certainly it was a great honour, and one that I cherish still to this day.

Through that experience, I got to know the local BMW dealer. While our paths crossed, I had not had the privilege to be part of the BMW experience.

I was always very conservative person by nature, but following my battle with Stage 4 cancer, my outlook changed. I had a new lease on life, and I wasn’t about to waste a moment of it!

Early in 2017, and after looking at all of my options, I went back to that local BMW dealer and ordered ‘the’ car – the one with everything on it that I could ever ask for. Now whether I am having a great day, or a challenging one, I get into my car and ‘just go’. The feeling is indescribable!

My relationship with BMW is not about the car…it is about the experience.

Thank you to Kevin Marcotte and the entire team at BMW Group Canada.

“During my roughest times throughout my battle with Stage 4 cancer, I had an awful tough time eating. Subsequently, I lost 50 lbs. in less than 15 weeks! I simply could keep nothing down and then I discovered Booster Juice.

Without a doubt, Booster Juice played a major factor in my recovery process and in fact, I tried almost everything they had to offer. I had never discovered wheat grass and now I try not to go a day without it! Today, I have gained back 40 lbs. have the energy to do the things that I do and I feel incredible!

Thank you Booster Juice!”

“I first had the opportunity to meet Javad while I was a brand ambassador for a company that he was shooting a video for. From there, our relationship grew stronger, and we began to collaborate on a number of business initiatives together.

Given that I was building my professional portfolio, I needed someone that could understand my vision, and be prepared to execute under my direction. I also needed someone who I could count on to bring creativity my brand.

It didn’t take long to become confident in the Alive Pro Studios team!

Our partnership is a special one, and I look forward to working with Javad, Homayra and their team for many years to come.”

“When you are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease like cancer, the rigors of the treatments can take a devastating toll on your body. When I was told I was in remission, my doctor stated, “Now this is when the REAL work begins!”

When I consulted my specialists, they saw the Cleanse For Life product as being great to cleanse my cells and help me rid myself of the toxins used to help me to conquer cancer. I have trusted Isagenix products to help get my body back into condition from the very beginning!
It is hard to explain but I seem to see things with so much more clarity. I cannot even explain in words just you how great I feel!”

I am fortunate that I was have been guided into the Isagenix products. From professional athletes to a regular guy like me, having the confidence that you are doing all that you can to take care and prepare your body is so important. With Isagenix, I have that confidence!”

“Coming from the fashion business, I have been fortunate to wear many brands of eyewear. It is an honor to be supported by the people at Ray Ban.

Iconic, timeless, fashionable and cool, Ray Ban represents all that I want in a brand that I am associated with.”

“Since 1993, Eyestar has been serving the optical industry in the British Columbia and Ontario regions. With stores located in the key shopping centers in the Greater Vancouver Area and Greater Toronto Area, Eyestar has built their business to become one of the Top 3 privately owned optical companies in Canada

I have known Eyestar’s owner, Norman Kwan, for a very long time and we have built many successful programs together over the years. I am thankful to Norman and his staff for their ongoing support in all of my initiatives.”

“Long before I began my speaking career or fought my battle with cancer, I have followed the Life is Good brand of lifestyle apparel. Given that I had spent most of my career in a business suit, I enjoyed the fun message that the brand conveyed. From the business side, I always was intrigued about the background on how the company started. What a great story!

Now that I see life in a different perspective, I enjoy the brand even more. For those of you who have been in the audience and heard me speak, I use the ‘Life is good’ phrase frequently because it is a simple reminder of where I am at in my life.

Thank you to the people at Life Is Good for their inspiration and support!”

“Throughout my career, I have had the responsibility of building certain facets of the business for many world-renowned brands such as Starter, Ray Ban, Polo, Ralph Lauren and Prada. With that came the opportunity to work with a number of top marketing, design and advertising agencies throughout North America.

The team at MAD takes on a project by ‘diving in head first’! They invest the time to really get to know the passion behind of the brand and really care about the people that they are working with. They are ‘all in’ right from the beginning and very early on, they become a company that you really want to do business with.

MAD Marketing & Design stand above all others for one reason – their people!”

“Photography and videos are a big part of what I use in many of the talks that I give, I have trusted Stephen Plumley to work with me some of my most important events. I can count on him, his work is top-notch and despite his busy schedule, he makes the time that we need to get the job done!

Above all, Stephen is so incredibly passionate about what he does. He doesn’t just take on a project for the sake of doing it….he dives in with passion, sincerity and he treats all of my projects with such a personal commitment.

When I get on stage, I have the confidence that my message will come through with all of the clarity that I have intended. Stephen Plumley plays a BIG part in that!”

“After working with Tina Powell, I can say that she is one of the very best in the business! That is a pretty bold statement because over my career, I have worked with some of the very best writers in North America!

There are many people out there with talent. None, however, brings the same level of passion, commitment and sincerity to a project that Tina does!

Tina’s desire and ability to listen to one’s story, gather their information and then capture and communicate even the most finite but critical details into a piece through photography and words is incredible.

If you represent a large corporation, a small family-owned business, a charitable foundation or are simply a person with a story, Tina Powell is the person that you want to trust to put it together for all others to see.”