Discover Your Tipping Point

What is it that defines who you are? You will only know that once you have learned to hit the curveball! I want you to think back for a moment. What was the one thing that happened in your life that motivated you to change forever? Truly knowing your purpose in life only comes once […]

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Find Your Focus

In today’s world, our lives are filled with many distractions. The pace of our day-to-day activities has increased and because we communicate through text messages, cell phones, emails and social media, we are expected to produce responses ‘now’.

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The Power of No

Sometimes ‘no’ can be your most powerful asset. Business agreements must be about negotiating deals that make sense. It sounds simple but there are more challenges today than ever that get in the way of both sides being satisfied with coming to an agreement that everyone is happy with.

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Looking Left, Turning Right

In many of the talks that I give to teams and corporations, I speak about how small things can make a big impact in your life. As I was going through my recovery from Stage 4 cancer, I learned some things along the way about myself that’d never taken the time to learn simply because […]

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'Worth' highlighted, under 'Value'

Your True Value Is In Knowing Your Values

This is a story about keeping the values that have been taught to me by others many years ago. Over 25 years ago, I was fortunate to begin dealing with NHL players in my role with Christian Hockey Sticks. One of those players was Brett Hull. He was a superstar in the league and had […]

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The choice is yours

One of the big reasons that I was able to survive Stage 4 cancer was because of the shape that I was in when I was diagnosed. I was 206 lbs., worked out 5 days a week and ate incredibly well, despite traveling a lot with my career. One thing my doctor said on that […]

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